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Dental Fillings Summit, NJ

Most patients will receive a tooth filling to address tooth decay at some point in their life. It is a routine dental procedure most commonly used to repair damage caused by tooth decay. When decay is caught in the earliest stages of development, a tooth filling is the most conservative treatment option.

Dental fillings are designed to prevent future decay or damage and to restore the integrity of the tooth structure. Dr. Raj Upadya of Metropolitan Center for Complete Dentistry near Summit, NJ strives to achieve natural looking, long lasting results. He uses tooth-colored resin or porcelain materials to blend seamlessly with your natural teeth.

A tooth colored tooth filling provides long term strength and durability with a virtually invisible appearance.

Tooth decay is an unfortunate dental problem especially widespread among children and adolescents. A tooth cavity is commonly caused by plaque buildup. Good oral hygiene and routine dental care are the keys to minimizing your risk of tooth decay, thus minimizing your risk of needing a tooth filling, and can provide the foundation for lifelong dental health.

Tooth Filling Process

Although many patients become slightly anxious at the thought of a dental filling, it is a relatively simple procedure that should produce minimal discomfort with the use of a local anesthetic. Dr. Upadya offers same day dentistry with the use of E4D technology which enables him to design, fabricate and place a porcelain dental filling in a single visit to our Summit, NJ dentist office.

Using a local anesthetic for your comfort, Dr. Upadya will prepare the affected tooth by removing any decay and thoroughly cleaning the area. Once cleaned and prepared, he will then skillfully place the tooth-colored resin or porcelain material and sculpt it into place.

This will provide you a natural looking and comfortable surface for normal chewing and speaking. Your tooth filling should last for many years with good oral hygiene and routine dental care.

Resin Tooth Filling – A “White” tooth filling is made from a biocompatible composite resin which is colored matched to blend in with your surrounding natural teeth. It is applied directly to the tooth and creates a more natural appearance. Dr. Upadya typically uses resin dental fillings for patients with minimal decay or when minor cosmetic problems are present. A resin dental filling is long lasting, but not permanent, usually lasting between three to five years. It is used as part of a conservative treatment plan to protect the tooth from future damage.

Porcelain Tooth Filling – A porcelain tooth filling, also known as an inlay or onlay, are used for patients with more significant decay or damage to the tooth. The porcelain dental fillings adds additional strength to the tooth. These types of dental fillings are permanently bonded to the tooth and can be extremely long lasting when properly cared for.

Dr. Upadya is excited to be one of the first Summit, NJ area dentists to offer the Icon Drill-less filling technology. The Icon treatment is ideal for patients who are in the early stages of teeth decay and/or have white spots on their teeth.

With the Icon technology, Dr. Upadya can stop the progression of an early cavity without using a drill or needle. This revolutionary treatment preserves healthy tooth structure and extends the life expectancy of the natural tooth.