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Family Dentistry East Hanover, NJ

Family DentistryAn Overview

Metropolitan Center for Complete Dentistry is a family dentist office serving patients of all ages in East Hanover and Summit, NJ. Family dentistry offers the convenience of high-quality dentistry under one roof for your whole family.

Our dental care team is experienced in treating dental concerns throughout all phases of oral development. For growing smiles, we focus on patient education and disease prevention to help build healthy lifelong oral habits. We strive to provide personalized, patient-focused dental care that keeps your family smiling.

family dentistry in East Hanover, New Jersey

Family dentistry is convenient for busy parents and caregivers. Our family dental practice makes it possible to provide your entire family with dental care in one central location. Dr. Upadya is experienced in caring for growing smiles and offers pediatric services to help your child’s smile develop properly.

Family dentistry also allows your child to remain with the same dentist throughout their childhood and into adulthood.

Early Life Dental Care

It is recommended that children begin visiting the dentist by their first birthday. This first visit provides your child with the opportunity to get accustomed to the sounds and sights of the dentist office. Your child will get to meet our staff, explore the office and learn that the dentist is a welcoming and comfortable experience.

Visits to the dentist early on in life allow Dr. Upadya the chance to monitor the development of your child’s primary and adult teeth. Diagnostic digital x-rays help predict how teeth will erupt and can allow for early intervention should an issue arise.

Caring for your child’s smile is important for their social and physical well being. Healthy primary teeth allow proper chewing aide in speech development and enable a varied, nutritious diet. Children who learn healthy oral hygiene habits early on in life are less likely to develop gum disease or tooth loss and experience lower rates of tooth decay.


Dr. Raj and his team are absolutely amazing! I have been suffering with headaches and chronic neck and jaw pain for over 10 years. Dr. Raj was finally able to give me relief, and recommended me to another doctor to help me even further. The staff is so pleasant and…Falon S.
All the staff were pleasant and helpful! Dr.Raj is great! Hes very knowledgable and makes sure you are comfortable and satisfied with your dental treatment!Jalynn F.
Amazing dentist. Extremely knowledgeable about malocullsion issues which is what I came in for. Look forward to working with him and fixing my bite.Patrick Z.
Dr. Raj and his entire staff are absolutely phenomenal at what they do! I’ve never had such a good experience with a dental facility. I came here with clicking in my jaw and a number of other issues. Everyone is so kind and personable. Not only is the service they…Megan W.

Family Dentistry What to Expect

We provide your children with the pediatric dental care necessary to help them smile comfortably and confidently. Our dental services are tailored to your child’s stage of oral development and focus on the maintenance and care of their natural smile.

Pediatric dental services include:

  • Teeth cleaning
  • Dental fillings
  • Dental sealants
  • Invisalign invisible braces
  • Sports mouth guards
  • Restorative dentistry

Preventing Cavities in Children

Tooth decay remains a leading childhood disease. Tooth decay can be prevented and should be considered a serious oral health epidemic.

Children who experience higher rates of childhood tooth decay are more prone to a lifetime of oral health and systemic health issues. Tooth decay can be preventable with routine dental care and good at home oral hygiene.

Regular visits to the Metropolitan Center for Complete Dentistry enables our dentists to spot the early signs of decay and disease before more complex problems develop. Visiting the dentist regularly also lays the foundation for a lifetime of healthy oral hygiene habits.

Our dental care team will always offer age-appropriate oral hygiene advice and instruction on the best brushing and flossing techniques. We encourage parents and caregivers to get involved in their child’s oral health care at home and at the dentist.

Young patients are influenced by their role models- and setting a good example can help your child and you enjoy better oral health.