Laser Dentistry East Hanover, NJ

Dr. Raj Upadya uses laser dentistry in his dental office to treat a variety of conditions. Laser dentistry is one of the general dentistry services we provide to the public in New Jersery. There are many benefits of laser dentistry including faster healing times and more comfortable treatment. Dental lasers can be used on both hard and soft tissues in the mouth with great accuracy and fewer side effects for the patient.

For anxious patients, dental lasers can often eliminate the need for more invasive dental tools including the dental drill. Dental lasers can reduce swelling, bleeding, and other common side effects of procedures and stimulate the body’s natural healing response which improves blood clotting.

Laser dentistry also reduces the risk of infection that can be associated with a more invasive procedure. Your dentist will discuss the use of a dental laser if it is a part of your treatment and explain what to expect during and after the procedure.

Soft Tissue Laser Dentistry

laser dentistry in East Hanover, NJ

The NV® Microlaser, a convenient handheld laser device, is often used to treat gum tissue and other soft tissues in the mouth. One of the most common procedures is gum recontouring, or crown lengthening. Patients with a “gummy smile” may benefit from crown lengthening, which removes excess gum tissue to reveal more tooth structure.

The soft tissue dental laser is also ideal for performing frenectomies or tongue ties, which can cause speech impediments and difficulty eating. Dr. Upadya works with patients of all ages, including small children and infants, to improve their ability to eat and thrive.

There are many benefits to treating our patients with this soft tissue dental laser. The greatest benefit is how amazingly accurate and precise it is. This allows Dr. Upadya to cut off only a small tissue necessary for the desired results. This makes your soft tissue treatments much less invasive.

Dental lasers also cauterize the gums as it cuts through the tissue. This will minimize bleeding, and there will be no need for sutures. Also, your recovery time will be greatly reduced!

Soft tissue dental lasers may also be used in the treatment of:

Hard Tissue Laser Dentistry

Dr. Upadya also uses special dental lasers to treat tooth structure (hard tissue). The Biolase iPlus laser uses water and heat energy to address cavities and tooth decay, treat tooth sensitivity, and aid in tooth preparation for dental fillings and other restorative procedures.

Many people suffer from an extreme fear of the dentist because of the use of dental drills and needles. The Biolase iPlus laser eliminates the need for them! The revolutionary tool can cut through hard tissue minus the pain associated with the drills and needles. Most of the time, local anesthetic is not even necessary.

The hard tissue dental laser may also be used in teeth whitening procedures and TMJ Therapy.

Laser Dentistry FAQs

Is dentistry with dental lasers safe?

Yes, dental lasers are safe to use by a certified dental professional. They may be stronger than your average laser pointer, but they do not cause irreversible damage to your mouth. Dr. Raj Upadya and his dental associates have extensive training in using dental lasers.

Will dental lasers cause more pain than traditional procedures?

No, dental lasers are so accurate and efficient that we almost immediately relieve pain from your dental issue after treatment. Dental lasers use light technology so that no physical part of the device touches your sensitive tissue.

Can dentists use lasers for treating gum disease?

Yes. Gum disease is one of the leading causes of tooth loss. Dentistry has evolved to provide painless treatments with lasers for gum disease at any age.

Is a dental laser painful?

Laser dentistry has many benefits, but the main one is that it allows for procedures to be painless. The laser uses an intense beam of light energy, allowing dentists to work precisely during dental procedures.

Are laser fillings safe?

Using lasers to treat cavities in children and adults is safe and successful. The laser allows for pain-free precision without the need for an anesthetic.

What are the benefits of laser teeth cleaning?

Laser dentistry allows for a faster recovery time, minimal pain, and less tissue removal than traditional invasive dentistry. It also involves little to no post-surgical bleeding.

What is Laser Dentistry used for - Infographic

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