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AcceleDent East Hanover, NJ

Would you like to enjoy your straighter, healthier new smile in less time? With less discomfort?

AcceleDent in East Hanover New Jersey

Dr. Raj Upadya can help you to achieve faster results with more comfortable orthodontic treatment using AcceleDent®. This FDA-cleared device has been clinically proven to accelerate the process of tooth movement by stimulating faster bone cell growth and remodeling when used in combination with your orthodontics. AcceleDent® is one of the cosmetic dentistry services we provide to new and existing patients.

Straightening crooked and misaligned teeth is often important and/or necessary for long-term dental health, recommended to resolve a wide range of dental concerns including bite problems. Many adult patients avoid or resist necessary orthodontic treatment due to the hassles commonly associated with braces, including additional visits to the dentist.

Straighten Teeth In Less Time with AcceleDent®

AcceleDent can minimize the impact of treatment on your daily life- and also reduce the discomfort that can result from tooth movement. This revolutionary technology can restore dental health in almost half of the traditional treatment times. Ask Dr. Upadya about the benefits of AcceleDent along with Invisalign and explain how it can help you to achieve a straighter smile- faster!

How Does AcceleDent Work?

AcceleDent is both safe and effective and has been cleared by the FDA. This easy to use, hand held device is made up of a mouthpiece that is connected to an activator that you must keep charged. You simply place the mouthpiece in your mouth and over your teeth and firmly bite down on it to hold it in place. Do not use your hands to hold it. With daily 20 minute sessions, you will accelerate the repositioning of your teeth.

The device produces micro-pulses that enhance the bone remodeling already being stimulated by your orthodontic treatment for tooth movement. This process has also been proven to reduce the discomfort some patients experience as their teeth are repositioned. You can wear braces or clear aligners for a shorter amount of time but still get the same results.

We recommend you do the treatment at about the same time every day. It is not necessary to use it for more than twenty minutes as it will not speed up the desired results. It is important to keep the mouthpiece clean. You will need to remove it from the activator and rinse it with lukewarm water after each use. The activator is not waterproof. To keep it clean wipe it down every so often with a soft cloth.

What Are The Benefits of AcceleDent?

Busy schedule? Travel frequently? AcceleDent can enable you to achieve the smile you desire without the lengthy commitment then traditional orthodontic treatment can require.

AcceleDent can significantly reduce treatment time for orthodontic patients. In as little as 20 minutes, this handheld device can speed up the changes needed within your bone structure to accommodate teeth repositioning.

One of the key benefits of using AcceleDent with your orthodontic treatment is a reduced number of visits to the dentist office. Treatment times can be cut almost in half for most patients, enabling you to resume your daily life faster with a straighter and healthier smile!

AcceleDent® FAQs

Can you use AcceleDent® more than once a day?

Patients should only use AcceleDent once per day for the recommended duration. Patients should not use AcceleDent more than 20 minutes per day unless prescribed.

Does AcceleDent cause root resorption?

AcceleDent has been used and studied by dentists and orthodontists all over the US and it has shown zero sign of causing root resorption. Root resorption occurs when the body begins to break down and absorb tissue around the tooth’s root.

Can I wear AcceleDent while I am sleeping?

Do not wear AcceleDent while sleeping or before going to bed. You should not wear it for more than 20 minutes per day so it is not advised to wear it to sleep, even if you are taking a short nap.

Can I use my AcceleDent in the shower?

AcceleDent is not waterproof so it should not be used in the shower. Patients should avoid getting their AcceleDent wet at all costs.

How do I use AcceleDent with Invisalign?

To use AcceleDent with Invisalign patients can place the mouthpiece around their Invisalign aligners. Once it is in place patients can turn it on and gently bite on the mouthpiece to keep it in place.

Does AcceleDent actually work?

Results show that AcceleDent speeds up treatment by about 50% for most patients. It only requires 20 minutes daily and its effects have been shown to be very effective. View our smile gallery for examples of what you can expect.