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Healthy Gums, Healthy Smile

Do you have gums that bleed? Have you noticed changes in the appearance of your gums? Healthy gums are an important part of overall good oral health. One of the most common dental problems and one that will impact most…


Dental Sleep Apnea Treatment in East Hanover, NJ

Millions of people — and by extension, their partners — suffer from the effects of snoring. More than just a sleep disturbance, it’s often a sign of a serious condition called obstructive sleep apnea (OSA). The most common treatment for…


Stress Puts Your Oral Health At Risk

It’s well known that stress can negatively impact your mental health and your physical health, increasing risk of high blood pressure, heart disease, heart attack and stroke. However, did you know that it can also affect your oral health as…


What to Know About Oral Health Over 55

No matter whether you are 15 or 55, maintaining your oral health is important. But you might find yourself wondering if your dental routine should be adjusted as you grow older. It’s a fact that age naturally changes conditions in…


How Root Canals Restore Your Smile

Root canals have gotten a bad rap. Just the name of the treatment causes feelings of dread in some people. Although many people think of root canals as being very unpleasant, painful procedures, you might be surprised to learn they’re…


Are All-On-Four Dentures Right For Me?

You can change your life in only one visit to our East Hanover, NJ dentist office. Metropolitan Center for Complete Dentistry offers a revolutionary denture treatment that can replace a full arch of teeth in just one day. Using as…


Understanding TMJ Disorders and Treatments

When people say “I have TMJ,” they often refer to a TMJ Disorder from which they are suffering. In reality everyone “has TMJ” which are your temporomandibular joints - abbreviated TMJ - which make it possible to open and close…


What Are the Risks of Dental Implants?

Getting dental implants is a surgery, and as with any surgery there are risks involved. However, dentists have been installing dental implants for some time now, and the technology has advanced quite a bit. Today’s implants are very sophisticated prosthetic…


Why is Smoking Bad For Teeth?

By now, because of the aggressive public service announcement campaign and the mandatory Surgeon General’s warning on cigarette packaging, most people know that smoking and using tobacco products has a negative impact on your overall health. Smoking increases your risk…


Why Do My Teeth Hurt?

Anyone who has ever experienced pain in their teeth would probably agree that the sooner it can be relieved, the better. Painful teeth are not normal and can be a warning of a serious problem that needs to be addressed.…