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Dentures & PartialsAn Overview

custom dentures florham park njWhy Replace Missing Teeth?

The loss of a tooth, or several teeth, can be a traumatic and emotional experience, affecting daily quality of life. Patients who are missing teeth often look older because they don’t have healthy tooth structure to support their lips and cheek giving a saggy or droopy appearance. Replacing teeth can greatly improve the appearance of a patient. In addition, once a patient has lost a tooth, the bone structure begins to deteriorate. Dr. Raj Upadya of Metropolitan Center for Complete Dentistry offers a range of options for replacing missing teeth including dentures and partial dentures.

Dentures are custom made artificial teeth used to replace missing teeth and some of the gum tissue. They are made in a dental lab with impressions of your mouth. Dentures and partial dentures can actually improve your quality of life by restoring confidence, function and health to your smile. Dr. Upadya carefully evaluates each patient and makes recommendations for the best long term, natural looking results. Dentures and partial dentures are designed to fit as comfortably and securely as possible.

Dr. Upadya has been a life-saver for me. I went to him with a TMD issue after previously visiting several dentists who were unhelpful. Dr. Upadya took the time to identify and correct the underlying issues which has helped my discomfort greatly. Highly recommendBill W.
Dr. Raj and his team are absolutely amazing! I have been suffering with headaches and chronic neck and jaw pain for over 10 years. Dr. Raj was finally able to give me relief, and recommended me to another doctor to help me even further. The staff is so pleasant and…Falon S.
All the staff were pleasant and helpful! Dr.Raj is great! Hes very knowledgable and makes sure you are comfortable and satisfied with your dental treatment!Jalynn F.
Amazing dentist. Extremely knowledgeable about malocullsion issues which is what I came in for. Look forward to working with him and fixing my bite.Patrick Z.

Dentures & Partials What to Expect

Full Dentures

Dr. Upadya uses full dentures to replace all of the upper or lower teeth. Dentures can either be fixed or removable. Fixed dentures are anchored by dental implants. As few as four dental implants may be needed to secure the denture in place, greatly increasing the success rate and satisfaction of the denture.

Partial Dentures

Partial dentures are used to replace several missing teeth. Like full dentures, they can either be fixed or removable. Partial dentures are similar to a dental bridge. If the partial denture is fixed, it is either secured in place using dental crowns or dental implants.

Implant-Supported Dentures

While there is a greater investment for dental implant supported dentures, they do provide superior long term benefits over removable dentures. They eliminate all the classic concerns that come with the removable options.

One of the most significant benefits of implant supported dentures over removable dentures is that the patient can chew, speak and smile normally. With dental implant supported dentures, patients do not have to worry about what types of foods they eat and they can continue to enjoy their normal activities.

Implant supported dentures offer better retention and help to maintain the bone structure in the face. This will help to prevent bone loss in your jaw bone.

Dentures secured by dental implants eliminate the need for glues, adhesives, soaks, and rinses. There is also no more worrying about them slipping around in your mouth or fearing that they will fall out.

Dr. Ira Goldberg joins Dr. Upadya at Metropolitan Center for Complete Dentistry to offers dental implants under one roof to patients. All phases of your procedure can be performed in the comfort of our East Hanover dental office.

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