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Dentures vs. Dental Implants: An Overview 

Replacing a full arch of missing teeth is now easier than ever with dental implants. Dental implants can secure and stabilize a denture or hybrid denture for a new smile that looks and feels like your natural teeth.

East Hanover dentist Dr. Andrii Slobodian offers dental implants under one roof at the Metropolitan Center for Complete Dentistry. From consultation to the final placement of your custom denture, all office visits are in one convenient location, and you can feel confident with consistent, personalized care.

dentures secured with dental implants in East Hanover, NJ

Why Choose Implant-Secured Dentures? 

When a full arch of teeth needs to be replaced, a denture has been the traditional treatment option. Although the appearance and function of dentures have improved over the years due to better materials and techniques, most patients experience common denture problems, including slippage, gum irritation, and the inability to eat certain foods.

Poor-fitting dentures also affect your social life when speech is impacted.

Implant-secured dentures provide several key benefits for both oral health and quality of life:

  • Stable teeth: implants hold your denture in place securely and permanently
  • Improved bone retention: the implanted titanium post serves as a tooth root and stimulates healthy bone growth
  • Normal chewing and speaking: patients can enjoy the foods they love and speak clearly without fear of “losing their teeth”
  • Stable gum health: With less irritation, gum health can be maintained more effectively with good oral care and hygiene

Dentures vs. Dental Implants: What to Expect

Dr. Slobodian will thoroughly examine your oral health and determine if an implant-supported denture will meet your needs and goals. One of the key factors is sufficient healthy jaw bone, which is necessary to support the implanted post and provide a long-term result.

Dr. Slobodian may recommend a bone graft for the best result and improve overall dental health for patients with mild to moderate bone deterioration. Maintaining or augmenting the bone in the jaw will not only support your dental health but will reduce shrinkage of the jaw and the development of a more aged appearance.

Replacing lost teeth with an implant-secured denture is a multi-step process. Dr. Slobodian will explain each step and coordinate a plan of treatment that will offer the best possible outcome and allow for necessary healing between phases.

An implant-secured denture will almost always offer a result as close to your natural teeth as possible, with lasting comfort and oral health.

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Caring For Your Dentures

Although an implant-secured denture is comfortable and stable, it does require daily removal and cleaning. Brushing and soaking your dentures will keep bacteria from building up and reduce the risk of developing periodontal disease.

Dr. Slobodian and our staff will provide detailed and hands-on instructions for daily maintenance of your new denture to keep it looking and functioning at its best.

An over-the-counter denture cleaner used daily will keep the teeth clean and looking good for most patients. Keeping your gums healthy is also important, and we will recommend appropriate at-home products for your unique needs.

Regular dental care with Dr. Slobodian or Dr. Upadya will be necessary for maintaining the long-term health of your smile. Routine visits allow us to screen for common dental concerns and evaluate the function and condition of your denture.

Are you aware of implant alternatives that allow you to forget you have removable teeth? We offer All-On-Four® implants and other hybrid denture solutions.

Dentures vs. Dental Implants FAQs

Can you switch from dentures to implants?

Yes, you can get implants after having dentures. Depending on how long you have been wearing dentures, this can be difficult, but most denture users are good candidates for dental implants.

Can you leave implant dentures in all the time?

With implant dentures, you leave them in all of the time. You sleep and eat with your implant dentures. Patients with implant dentures should be sure to keep up with their oral care routine. Since the dentures are implanted and permanent, plaque and bacteria are more prone to get caught on the dentures.

Can you pull teeth and put implants in on the same day?

Teeth can be pulled, and implants can be placed on the same day. Your dentist may recommend giving your gums time to heal before implanting, but in many cases, same-day dental implants are the best and most convenient option.

How long does it take to adjust to implant dentures?

Most patients report taking about 30 days to adjust to their implants fully. After about two weeks, chewing and speaking should begin to feel normal, but it takes about a month to adjust.

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