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Dental Fillings East Hanover, NJ

Dental FillingsAn Overview

Dental fillings are one of the most common dental treatments used in most dentist offices. They are part of a conservative treatment plan designed to preserve the natural tooth. A tooth filling is used when a tooth is weakened because of cracks, chips, breaks, cavities or other reasons.

Not only do they restore damaged teeth but they also protect them from future damage or decay and restore strength.

Dr. Raj Upadya of the Metropolitan Center for Complete Dentistry in East Hanover Park, NJ strives to achieve natural looking, long lasting results. For dental fillings, Dr. Upadya uses tooth colored materials. Depending on your specific condition, he may choose tooth-colored resin or porcelain.

Tooth colored dental fillings are the standard in modern dentistry. They provide long term strength and durability with a virtually invisible appearance. Both dental resin and porcelain come in a range of tooth-colored shades for a perfect match.

Dr. Upadya offers same day dentistry with the use of E4D technology which enables him to design, fabricate and place a porcelain dental filling in a single visit.

This was, hands down, the most pleasant and medically successful dental work I have ever experienced in my life. I am almost 50 years old and that’s a lot of dental work.Laura T.
I love my teeth! They look so natural and I receive many compliments! This has truly been one of the best investments that I have made.Shannon D.
After years of pain, research and spending my life savings on looking for a cure, Dr. Upadya was the one. Thank you for getting by life back on track.Moe E.

Dental Fillings What to Expect

Depending on the progression, size, and location of your dental carry, Dr. Upadya may recommend one of several types of dental fillings. The patient’s cosmetic goals and long term oral health needs will both be considered when choosing the type of dental filling.

The dental filling treatment is a routine procedure that is typically completed in a single visit to our East Hanover dental office. Dr. Upadya will begin with a local anesthetic being applied to numb the given area. He will prepare the tooth by cleaning out any debris or decay.

Once all the debris and decay have been removed, Dr. Upadya will skillfully fill your tooth with the chosen dental filling material. The dental filling will then be hardened by a special light. Once completed, your tooth will be polished and shaped, giving it a natural, lustrous shine.

Resin Dental Fillings

“White” fillings, are made from a biocompatible composite resin which is applied directly to the tooth. Dr. Upadya typically uses resin dental fillings for patients with minor tooth decay or damage. Resin dental fillings are long lasting, but not permanent. They are used as part of a conservative treatment plan to protect the tooth from future damage.

Porcelain Dental Fillings

Categorized as either dental inlays or dental onlays, porcelain dental fillings are used for patients with more significant decay or damage to the tooth. The porcelain dental fillings adds additional strength to the tooth. These types of dental fillings are permanently bonded to the tooth and typically last for many years with proper care.

Drill-less Filings for White Spots & Early Cavity Treatment

Dr. Upadya is excited to be one of the first New Jersey dentists to offer the Icon Drill-less filling technology. The Icon treatment is ideal for patients who are in the early stages of teeth decay and/or have white spots on their teeth. With the Icon technology, Dr. Upadya can stop the progression of an early cavity without using a drill or needle.

This revolutionary treatment preserves healthy tooth structure and extends the life expectancy of the natural tooth.

Dental Fillings FAQs

Do you replace old metal fillings?

Yes, Dr. Upadya replaces old amalgam fillings with white fillings for a more comfortable and natural looking restoration. Modern advances in cosmetic dentistry mean that you no longer need to suffer from unsightly and uncomfortable silver/mercury fillings or metal margins around the gum line. If the tooth’s structure has been compromised, it may be best to restore it with a dental crown which will cover the tooth like a cap.

What do I do if I have a lost or broken dental filling?

If you have lost or have a broken dental filling, it is important to contact our office as quickly as possible. We strive to provide you with prompt attention to repair the damaged tooth and restore your dental filling as quickly as possible.

How long does a dental filling last?

Depending on the material used, dental fillings last anywhere from 10 to 30 years. Dental fillings made of gold last the longest. With proper oral hygiene and regular visits to the dentist, your tooth filling will never have to get replaced.

Do fillings make your teeth weak?

They actually support your tooth structure if placed properly and with precision. Our dentists make sure and measure twice to perfectly place your filling.

Is getting a dental filling painful?

No. Local anesthetic will be used on the work area so that you do not feel pain during treatment. After you regain feeling in your mouth, you will be able to bite with the filling the same day.

How long does it take fillings to settle?

It is perfectly normal for your tooth to be sensitive after the filling has been placed. For at least a few hours after your filling has set, you should refrain from eating hot or cold foods as it may cause increased sensitivity. It may take a few days before you feel completely comfortable chewing on your new filling.