Complete Dentistry East Hanover, NJ

A visit with Dr. Rajeev Upadya goes beyond traditional dentistry, taking a holistic approach to the oral health system and how it relates to overall health. Dr. Upadya believes in the complete dentistry approach, which seeks to understand the underlying cause of dental problems in order to provide lasting, comfortable results.

A Dawson Academy graduate and educator, Dr. Upadya practices the philosophy of WIDIOM when treating patients: Would I do it on me? Dr. Upadya takes a conservative approach to treat dental problems, no matter how complex, and incorporates the latest in techniques and technology to offer patients accurate diagnoses and predictable results.

What is Complete Dentistry?

The Dawson Academy is an institution for higher education aimed at advancing and refining the knowledge and skill set of exceptional dentists. The Dawson Academy teaches the philosophy of Complete Dentistry- a concept developed to encourage dentists to take a deeper look at dental concerns.

The dentist who practices Complete dentistry considers all aspects of the masticatory system when developing treatment plans to provide more thorough dentistry that yields comfortable, lasting smiles.

Dr. Upadya believes in the philosophy of complete dentistry, where oral health generally goes beyond the teeth and gums to look at how the oral system works as a whole. Most dentists will see damaged or decayed teeth and will simply rebuild the dental structure and be done. But is the root problem solved? What is stopping the problem from happening again?

Dr. Upadya strives to permanently improve his patient’s oral health by identifying the root cause of dental problems and fixing that in addition to fixing the damage it causes. Practicing complete dentistry will pinpoint things that are not working properly, sometimes even before symptomatic problems or symptoms arise.

By incorporating the concept of Complete Dentistry into his practice, he has saved his patients a lot of time and money.

Complete Dental Services

Metropolitan Center for Complete Dentistry offers a full menu of dental treatments and services under one roof. By practicing the concept of Complete Dentistry, Dr. Upadya can fix the underlying functional issues that cause secondary cosmetic concerns with his many treatment options.

After a comprehensive evaluation, he can recommend a treatment plan to help you attain optimal oral health. Your treatment plan may include any combination of services, including:

Implant dentistry in East Hanover, New Jersey

Dr. Upadya is a Dawson Scholar and a Senior Faculty member with The Dawson Academy, establishing the Dawson Academy Northeast in our office. In 2014, Dr. Upadya launched the Dawson Academy of India in effort to expand the quality of care Dawson Academy teaches internationally.

Dr. Upadya has been on the Dawson faculty since 2008 and is the leader of The Dawson Academy’s North Jersey Study Club. A noted lecturer in the United States, Dr. Upadya, presents on topics such as temporomandibular disorders, bite instability, and complete treatment planning.

To learn more and to stay involved, check out our Facebook Page for Dawson North Jersey Study Club for Complete Dentistry.