Crooked Teeth East Hanover, NJ

Having crooked teeth is a cosmetic dental concern and can be embarrassing. But did you know that they can lead to serious health concerns? Crooked teeth can make brushing and flossing a challenge, allowing food, debris, and plaque to build up between teeth. Plaque build-up can contribute to cavity formation and gum disease. Crooked teeth are one of the dental concerns that we treat at the Metropolitan Center For Complete Dentistry.

Thanks to modern dentistry, Metropolitan Center for Complete Dentistry is able to offer comfortable and convenient options for straightening teeth that are natural looking and effective. Our dentists offer a number of conservative options to fix crooked teeth including treatments with or without braces.

Straightening Teeth With Braces

Orthodontic treatment is the most common way to fix crooked teeth. Your options are either metal braces or clear aligners. Dr. Raj Upadya is a Preferred Provider for Invisalign in East Hanover, NJ. Clear aligners are best for patients who need mild to moderate orthodontic treatment. Invisalign® is a comfortable, convenient way to straighten teeth and has high patient satisfaction.

Metal braces are used for patients who need more significant orthodontic treatment to fix crooked teeth. Oftentimes, orthodontic treatment with metal braces can be combined with Invisalign® therapy to achieve optimal results without prolonged use of metal braces.

Benefits of Choosing Invisalign

Invisalign offers so many more benefits than metal braces. People prefer them because they are removable and clear. You can take out the aligners to continue brushing and flossing daily as you normally would. The removable aligners also allow you to eat normally, without restrictions, and not have to deal with getting food trapped between the braces and your teeth.

Not many people will notice you are wearing them since they are clear and difficult even to notice. Additional benefits include:

  • Shorter treatment times
  • No dietary restrictions
  • More comfortable and removable
  • Use discreet, clear aligners
  • No tooth enamel staining from permanently attached brackets

Straightening Teeth Without Braces

There are also options for straightening teeth without braces. Dr. Upadya will carefully evaluate your condition to determine if you are a candidate. Straightening teeth without braces is used when there are no health considerations that would require braces. Common treatment options for straightening teeth without braces include porcelain veneers and dental crowns.

Porcelain veneers are ultra-thin porcelain shells bonded to teeth’ front and sides. They are not considered permanent dental restoration since they will eventually need to be replaced. However, they are not irreversible since a small tooth layer must be removed to accommodate them.

Teeth veneers can disguise almost any cosmetic imperfection on your teeth, including minor problems with tooth alignment.

Dental crowns cover the entire tooth and are well-suited for teeth with more significant alignment issues. They fit over a tooth like a cap and are permanently bonded into place. The crown provides strength, aesthetics, and lasting, durable function.

A tooth crown is stain and decay-resistant and can be color-matched to blend seamlessly with your smile for beautiful results. A dental crown is well suited for people with significantly crooked teeth and teeth compromised by decay or broken teeth.

Crooked Teeth FAQs

Can teeth be straightened at any age?

Misaligned teeth can be corrected at any age. As patients age, correcting a crooked bite becomes more difficult. It is best to correct at a young age while teeth and gums are still developing, but it is possible to correct at any age.

Is it bad to have crooked teeth?

Crooked teeth are entirely okay to have and live with. In some cases, crooked teeth may cause bite function issues. In these cases, most patients choose to get them fixed. Many patients have their teeth fixed for cosmetic concerns.

Do crooked teeth get worse as you age?

As we age, our bone density decreases. This causes jaw bones to shift and teeth to crowd. If your teeth are already misaligned or crowded, you can expect them to worsen as you age.

Do crooked teeth cause problems?

Misaligned teeth can cause health problems, including bad breath, tooth decay, gum disease, TMJ, and tooth shifting. We recommend treating your missing teeth sooner rather than later to avoid these issues.

Are crooked teeth genetic?

You can inherit crooked teeth from your ancestors, but genetics isn’t the only factor that affects tooth alignment. Maintaining a balanced diet and exercising regularly can help avoid tooth shifting and crookedness.

Can crooked teeth fix themselves?

Crooked teeth do not usually correct by themselves. We recommend scheduling an appointment with an orthodontist to correct teeth alignment because they are unlikely to correct themselves.

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