Our Technology East Hanover Dentist Office

Technology has transformed the field of dentistry in many ways, improving all aspects of the patient experience. From detailed diagnostics using 3-D imagery to less invasive treatment options for complex dental concerns, the Metropolitan Center for Complete Dentistry has incorporated advanced technology into our East Hanover Park dental practice to provide more predictable results.

Digital Dentistry in East Hanover

Our office uses the convenience and dependability of digital dental records, keeping a lasting dental health history that can easily be accessed and shared as needed in an emergency or referral to a specialist. We also use digital dental x-rays to minimize radiation and exposure for patients of all ages. Digital technologies play a key role in many aspects of your care, including using digital imagery for treatment planning.

E4D Same Day Crowns in East Hanover, NJ

Laser Dentistry

Dr. Upadya has incorporated the use of dental lasers in a variety of capacities. We use hard and soft tissue lasers to treat everything from tooth decay to gum disease, including cosmetic gum procedures to enhance your smile.

Dental lasers can offer key benefits for the patient experience and often eliminate the need for dental drills and other more invasive or stress-inducing dental tools. They minimize side effects such as bleeding and swelling and are highly effective in periodontal therapies because they stimulate the natural healing process.

E4-D CAD/CAM Technology

E4-D enables our team to provide same-day dental crowns and restorations that are custom-made for your smile using high-quality ceramics or porcelain.

CAD/CAM technology uses digital impressions to design and create a custom dental restoration in our office while you wait. This is often an ideal solution for a broken crown or tooth damage and can save time and money for patients.

TekScan and JVA: Tools for TMJ

Dr. Upadya has advanced training and has incorporated special technology for the diagnosis and treatment of TMJ-related disorders. Using Doppler ultrasound, TekScan, and Joint Vibration Analysis (JVA) he can comprehensively analyze the function of the jaw joints, listening and looking for signs of damage and dysfunction that is contributing to painful symptoms.


As local Invisalign providers, we use this unique digital software technology to address orthodontic concerns with customized clear aligners that will reposition the teeth. From digital impressions to convenient and discreet treatment, Invisalign offers many benefits for teen and adult patients. Invisalign invisible braces are made of material called SmartTrack® , a clear plastic that is ultra-thin and very durable.

This material is transparent and designed to fit snugly against the teeth making them virtually invisible to others. The soft plastic material and the aligner’s low profile help to reduce irritation of the lips, tongue, and gums.

3-D Scanning

We use advanced 3-D scanning to evaluate all aspects of your occlusal system and dentition for more accurate diagnosis and predictable treatment planning. Having this ability in office not only provides a greater consistency of care but eliminates the need for visiting another location or specialist as part of your treatment plan.