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Complete Dental Care in Mendham, NJ

Metropolitan Center for Complete Dentistry provides high-quality dentistry near Mendham, NJ, and is currently accepting new patients. If you are seeking a new dentist for your family, Dr. Raj Upadya offers experienced dental care for patients of all ages. In addition to providing general dentistry services, he also offers restorative and cosmetic dental care. All these facets of dentistry are important to help patients achieve healthy and beautiful smiles.

Complete Dental Care in Mendham, NJ

General Dentistry Services and Treatments

General dentistry is very important for everyone because it prevents dental diseases and helps preserve natural teeth. You should visit your dentist twice a year for a routine checkup. Taking good care of your oral health also supports your overall health.

During your routine dental checkup, we will examine your teeth, gums, and bone. About once a year, we will take x-rays. The goal is make sure there are not dental problems such as tooth decay or gum disease. A trained dental hygienist will thoroughly remove all the built up plaque and tartar from your teeth. Then they will polish and floss in between your teeth leaving you with that fresh from the dentist feeling. Our general dentistry treatments include:

Cosmetic Dentistry Treatments

Quality cosmetic dentistry has the power to change your smile. Dr. Upadya has undergone post graduate training in cosmetic dentistry. He uses the latest materials and techniques to deliver natural looking and comfortable cosmetic results that will last. Dr. Upadya will analyze your smile and do a complete oral health examination to figure out which treatments will work best for you. He offers a full menu of cosmetic dental treatments and services that will deliver the smile of your dreams.

Restorative Dental Care

Whether you have neglected your oral health or have suffered from trauma to the mouth, restorative dentistry can help get your oral health back on track. Dr. Upadya along with Dr. Andrii Slobodian can solve even the most complex dental cases. Dr. Slobodian is an expert in the field of implant dentistry and can replace any number of missing teeth with dental implant supported restorations. He can perform every stage of the implant process from our dentist office near Mendham, NJ. If you suffer from missing teeth, worn down teeth, severely broken teeth, or teeth that are crooked, we can devise a plan to fix them. Our dentist office offers many restorative dentistry treatments including:

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Metropolitan Center for Complete Dentistry is a world class dental practice located near Mendham, NJ. There are additional areas we service in New Jersey. Dr. Upadya and his experienced dental team promise to provide you and your family with all the dental services you need under one roof. Call our dentist office today to schedule your first dentist appointment or you can request an appointment online.