Why Choose Dr. Slobodian?

With so many dentists in the area, how do you choose your implant doctor? Here are a list of reasons what separates our Florham Park area dentist office from others:

Experience & Skill

Dr. Andrii Slobodian has been practicing dental implantology for over 20 years and has a volume of experience & skill to treat his patients with expertise, care, and compassion. He has earned degrees and certifications that very few doctors worldwide hold. Patients travel long distances for his expertise: they know that they are in talented and caring hands.

dentists of metropolitan center for complete dentistryCollaboration of Experts

Another component that makes this office unique is the pairing of Dr. Andrii Slobodian with Dr. Raj Upadya. They share something special: the passion and intensity to view patients as a whole, and recognize conditions and options that often go overlooked by others. Dr. Slobodian is a scholar of The Dawson Academy for Complete Dentistry, which means he has gone through a rigorous curriculum to address dental problems in a logical and comprehensive manner.

Not only has Dr. Upadya undergone the same training, but he is actually an instructor for the Academy, which says a lot regarding his skill level. You will be hard-pressed to find just one doctor of either caliber, but to have two doctors with this expertise under one roof is truly astounding. This allows Metropolitan Center for Complete Dentistry to offer the entire dental implant process under one roof at our Florham Park, NJ dentist office.

Oftentimes, implants are not stand-alone solutions to dental problems: they may be just one piece in a puzzle. Both Drs. Ira Goldberg and Raj Upadya have in-depth knowledge and skill in dental implants and complex problems, which allows them to provide patients with multiple options: they don’t try to fit all patients into the same cookie-cutter solution.

Exit Strategy: Understanding Expected Results

There is another factor that makes the care by Dr. Slobodian unique and special: he addresses in the beginning what you should expect at the end. Not all implant doctors cover this, and patients oftentimes do not think about these important issues. Topics include:

  • Longevity: how long should you expect the implants and the teeth to last, and what is the cost of replacement?
  • Maintenance: what care is required, and how much will it cost?
  • Complications: what kind of complications are possible, how are they handled, and what can be the cost of correcting them?


Still more reasons to consider this dental office include technology. Again, Dr. Slobodian performs so much dental implant therapy that he has invested in equipment that allows your treatment to proceed smoothly and safely. Items include:

  • On-site 3-D scanners to evaluate your bone structure more accurately than traditional films
  • Specialized software to plan your implants
  • Specialized surgical equipment to help surgeries proceed faster and safer, and provide you, the patient, with less swelling, bruising, and pain
  • Resonance Frequency Analysis to measure implant stability
  • PRP & PRF, which are techniques to help healing occur faster, and again, decrease pain & swelling

So, if you are looking for a thoughtful and comprehensive doctor to take care of your dental implant needs, you’ve just struck the goldmine: not only do you have one doctor to address your needs, but you have two! Contact us today for a consultation to see for yourself.