The “Magic” Wand

East Hanover NJ sedation dentistry East Hanover, NJ dentist Dr. Raj Upadya offers patients state of the art technology that can make your dental work more comfortable, easing your dental anxiety. Through the trained use of the latest tools and materials available, our patients receive quality dentistry without the traditional stresses associated with visiting the dentist office. Sedation dentistry and computerized anesthetics make visiting Metropolitan Center for Complete Dentistry a more enjoyable experience.

The “magic” Wand

Dr. Upadya has a “magic” Wand that can make all the discomfort of dental care disappear. For patients who suffer from fear of needles, The Wand will make coming to the dentist anxiety free. The Wand is a revolutionary development in the delivery of anesthetics.

The pain associated with anesthesia is often linked to improper delivery. When the anesthetic is administered too quickly, there can be some discomfort. Some patients fear of needles and anesthesia can deter them from receiving the dental care they need for a healthy and functional smile.

The Wand is a computerized system that allows Dr. Upadya to gently administer anesthesia with precise control. The Wand allows for a virtually pain free anesthesia experience. The anesthesia will be delivered slowly to needed areas. The Wand looks much like a ball point pen and eliminates the need for any needles. Some patients mouths become completely numb before they even realize the procedure is done!

Sedation Dentistry

For patients who experience a deeper fear of the dentist, Dr. Upadya offers oral conscious sedation dentistry. With just a small pill, you will feel completely relaxed during your dental procedures while remaining alert and able to communicate. Sedation dentistry allows Dr. Upadya to complete more treatments in one sitting, saving you stress, time and money. You will come out of your dental procedure with little to no memory of the experience. The use of oral sedation will be discussed with Dr. Upadya during your personalized consultation.

Our Metropolitan Center for Complete Dentistry dentist office focuses on the needs of the individual patient by offering them comfortable, quality and advanced dental care through advanced technology and a skilled staff. Schedule an appointment with our East Hanover dentist office today. Dr. Upadya will address all of your concerns and answer your questions so you feel confident and comfortable for your dental treatment.