Dental Implants Under One Roof

Dr. Andrii Slobodian joins Dr. Raj Upadya at Metropolitan Center for Complete Dentistry to offer full services for dental implants. All phases of your procedure can be performed in the comfort of our East Hanover dental office.

As a patient, you benefit from the convenience and savings of staying with the Metropolitan Center for Complete Dentistry from start to finish. Dr. Upadya or Slobodian will monitor your dental implant treatment plan for consistent and quality dental care. That means no specialists, no different doctors, and no driving around.

From treatment planning to your final restoration, our in-house dental care team has you covered!

full service dental implants in New Jersey

Our in-house dental implant treatment procedure eliminates several steps other dentists may require. Metropolitan Center for Complete Dentistry’s all-inclusive approach to dental implants streamlines your route to a healthy, functional, and beautiful smile.

Our dental implant services include a consultation, state-of-the-art dental treatment planning, surgical implantation, post-op checkup, dental design and fabrication, and final fitting, all from the comfort of our East Hanover, NJ dentist office.

Dental Implant Expert Dr. Andrii Slobodian

Dr. Andrii Slobodian has been practicing implant dentistry for over 22 years. He has trained extensively under some of the biggest names in dental implants. He holds many degrees, teaches dental implants to other dentists, and, most importantly, is passionate about implant dentistry.

Not only has Dr. Slobodian undergone years of training, but he is constantly taking continuing education programs, reads multiple implant journals regularly to stay on top of this rapidly changing field, and has invested heavily in technology to make implant procedures faster, safer, and more predictable for his patients.

Learn More About our Dental Implant Services:

Personalized Dental Care

Getting dental implants is as easy as it is personal with Dr. Upadya and Dr. Slobodian. Our dental team is dedicated to providing quality dental care and compassionate and personalized dental treatment plans. We treat each patient individually, as there is no “one-size-fits-all” treatment for any patient. Our trusted dental team takes the time to understand your oral health concerns and cosmetic goals.

A consultation with Dr. Andrii Slobodian or Dr. Raj Upadya will determine if dental implants suit you. We will ensure you understand the cost of dental implants, what treatments you will receive, and how they will benefit you and improve your oral health. Oftentimes, implants are not stand-alone solutions to dental problems; they may be just one piece of a puzzle.

Both Drs. Ira Goldberg and Raj Upadya have in-depth knowledge and skill in dental implants and complex problems, which allows them to provide patients with multiple options: they don’t try to fit all patients into the same cookie-cutter solution. Dental implants can replace one missing tooth or multiple dental implants can secure your bridge or denture for a new smile that feels like it has always been there.

Schedule a Dental Implant Consultation Today

Schedule a consultation with Dr. Andrii Slobodian or Dr. Raj Upadya to discuss your dental health, cosmetic goals, and budget concerns to determine if dental implants are right for you.