Choosing Dr. Upadya

East Hanover, NJ cosmetic and restorative dentist, Dr. Raj Upadya, provides comprehensive and personalized dental care. Dedicated to expanding his knowledge and dental skill set, Dr. Upadya is a life long learner and teacher of the Dawson Academy theory. Our Metropolitan Center for Complete Dentistry office provides patients with complete dentistry for their optimal oral health.

Practicing Complete Dentistry: What it Means for You

Dr. Upadya is a Dawson trained dentist. Sounds prestigious, but what does that really mean?

Dr. Upadya practices complete dentistry, also known as WIDIOM. WIDIOM is an acronym for, “Would I Do It On Me”. Dr. Upadya provides comprehensive exams and bite analysis to provide a precise diagnosis of dental health concerns in order to provide the most conservative dental treatment plans possible. The goal is to provide exceptional dental care that supports a stable and function bite and healthy teeth and gums with as few procedures as possible. Dr. Upadya takes the time to treat patients on an individual basis, treating each patient with the personalized care they deserve.

What is the Dawson Academy?

Founded by world renowned dentist Dr. Peter Dawson, the Dawson Academy is a dentist resource and education institution. The Dawson Academy provides continuing education courses so patients may continue to expand their skill and knowledge. The Dawson Academy encourages holistic dental care that treats patients as more than just a set of teeth. Dawson dentists provide more consistent, predictable and lasting results for patients in their care. Dr. Upadya recently participates in a global lecture series as a Dawson Academy faculty member, teaching colleagues in Asia the concepts of complete dentistry.

Dawson dentists are trained to analyze the 10 structural and functional factors of the chewing system, enabling them to identify dental problems that are either asymptomatic or may cause problems down the road. Diagnosing these issues early and treating them with conservative dentistry saves patients time, money and possible side effects of a dental concern.

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Whether you want the best preventive care or a highly trained dentist to treat your complex dental concerns, contact Metropolitan Center for Complete Dentistry in East Hanover, New Jersey. Dr. Raj Upadya is gladly accepting new patients to our East Hanover dental office. Call us at 973-241-5169 or request an appointment online.