Dentures V. All-On-Four- Which is right for me?

Dentures V. All-On-Four- Which missing tooth replacement option is right for me?

Dentures: What To Consider

The Benefits:  

  • Cost effective- dentures provide an affordable way for patients to replace a full arch of missing teeth.
  • Improves bite function- missing teeth make it difficult to eat a healthy, varied diet, dentures enable patients to chew more effectively.
  • Smile with confidence- dentures are custom designed to look and feel like natural teeth. Patients can smile with confidence.

The Downsides:

  • Lack of stability-  traditional dentures have a tendency to slip or move when patients are eating or speaking. Shifting dentures can be embarrassing and make it difficult to properly chew or make effect speech.
  • Do not support bone- a removable denture does not help to support the structure or stability of the jaw bone. Patients may experience bone loss over time.

All On Four: What To Consider

The Benefits: 

  • Most natural missing tooth replacement- dental implants used to support a denture in the All-on-four treatment act as a prosthetic root structure providing a more natural way to replace missing teeth.
  • Support bone health- dental implants integrate with the jaw bone and help promote natural bone tissue growth for long-term stability. Dental implants can help to deter bone loss over time.
  • Improve denture stability- dental implants are used to hold the denture in place. Patients enjoy an improved sense of security knowing that their denture will not fall out or slip while they are socializing or chewing.

The Downsides: 

  • Requires healthy bone – to qualify for the All-On-Four implant secured denture patients need a degree of healthy bone. Patients with compromised bone tissue may have difficulty receiving a dental implant. All-on-Four is accessible to more patients than traditional implants, and patients with some bone degradation may be able to receive treatment.
  • Financial investment – the initial expense of dental implant secured dentures may be more costly than choosing just a traditional denture. However, dental implants support long-term health and generally require less long-term maintenance than other missing tooth replacement methods.

Choosing A Missing Tooth Replacement

When you compare a traditional denture to the All-On-Four implant secured denture, you will quickly see that while dentures continue to provide patient’s with a cost-effective option, implant-secured dentures provide added support and longevity for better oral health.

If you are missing a full arch or set of teeth it is important to replace them so that you may enjoy a better quality of life. Contact our East Hanover, NJ dentist office to learn more about how dental implants and All-On-Four can improve your oral health and confidence. Dr. Raj Upadya is a general dentist with advanced training in implant dentistry offering lasting and beautiful results.