What Are Replacement Options for Missing Teeth?

What Are Replacement Options for Missing Teeth?

Are you embarrassed of your missing teeth? Are you ready to renew your smile? The Metropolitan Center for Complete Dentistry has restorative treatments that replace and improve the form and function of teeth.

Restorative Treatments for Missing Teeth

Dr. Raj Upadya offers multiple treatment options for patients, including:

Dental Implants

This solution utilizes titanium posts, abutments, and crowns to restore teeth. After a titanium post is implanted into the jaw bone, it is capped off with an abutment and dental crown after a healing period of 3 to 6 months. Dental implants provide a stable solution to patients which looks and feels natural.

Dental Bridges

Patients who are missing multiple consecutive teeth can benefit from dental bridges. Removable or secured with dental implants, dental bridges provide long-lasting and durable treatment to patients. Adjacent teeth are also used to help stabilize dental bridges.


Are you missing whole arches of teeth? Dentures are a great treatment option that are removable or can be secured with dental implants. Patients may find that biting and chewing is much easier with dentures. Dentures can also make speech easier for patients.

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