How Our Technology Helps You

We pride ourselves on keeping up with all of the latest dental technology. At the Metropolitan Center for Complete Dentistry, Dr. Rajeev Upadya, a dentist in East Hanover, NJ, and the rest of our team want to give you the best treatment possible. Dr. Upadya explains the technology we use at our office and the benefits it gives our patients.east hanover, new jersey dentist

Digital Dentistry

Many aspects of our dental office are now digital. For instance, we use digital records to make sure a simple few clicks on the computer can access your dental history. This makes it easy to share records with a specialist, such as an orthodontist if you need further treatment. Our x-rays have also been transferred to digital so that you’re exposed to less radiation when you get them.

Laser Dentistry

We use dental lasers whenever possible for treatment. This is because lasers provide treatment that’s often more comfortable and doesn’t produce anxiety like the sound of a dental drill does. Laser dentistry also gives many benefits to the patients, including less swelling and bleeding, as well as quicker healing time. With both soft and hard tissue lasers available, our office can use them for anything from gum disease treatment to cavities and tooth decay.

E4-D CAD/CAM Technology

This advanced technology allows us to provide you with custom restorations made from high-quality dental porcelain in one day. Traditionally, this is often used for dental crowns. Digital impressions are taken of the tooth that’s getting the crown. These images are sent to an in-office milling machine and used for the machine to make your custom dental crown.

TekScan and Joint Vibration Analysis (JVA)

Both of these tools are used for the diagnosis and treatment of TMJ disorders, something Dr. Upadya is thoroughly trained in. These tools help him to analyze your jaw and the function of the joints. With these, he can see or hear if there’s damage or dysfunction that’s causing your TMJ problems.

3-D Scanning

Digital imaging and treatment planning makes the procedure as precise as possible. With these images, we’re able to see all of your teeth and the makeup of your jaw. This helps us to make an accurate diagnosis and plan your treatment in-house, without having to refer you to another specialist. Commonly, this is used to plan out the exact placement and angle to ensure the best results for dental implants.


Technology may not be the first thing that comes to mind when you think of Invisalign. However, as a certified Invisalign provider, a unique digital software is used to create the clear aligners you’ll use for your treatment. The material used for the aligners is called SmartTrack®, a soft plastic that’s made to be both ultra-thin and durable. This prevents irritation to the soft tissues of your mouth and getting a comfortable fit that’ll still hold up to daily wear and tear.

Technology at Your East Hanover, New Jersey Dentist

Our technology makes your treatment quicker and more comfortable. Call us or schedule an appointment online to experience high-tech dentistry.