What Is Digital Dentistry?

Digital technology now plays an important role in our healthcare, including dentistry. From digital x-rays to handheld scanning devices and CAD/CAM software for treatment planning and execution, digital technology enhances the patient experience and outcomes.

Dr. Upadya and the dental care team at the Metropolitan Center for Complete Dentistry use a range of advanced digital technology in our East Hanover office. We have incorporated digital dentistry in an ongoing effort to provide accurate, minimally invasive, and successful dental services for a wide range of oral health needs. How does digital dentistry benefit you and your oral health care?

Digital Scanning & Imagery

We use handheld digital scanners for taking dental impressions and scanning all parts of your mouth. Convenient and easy to use, these devices produce immediate high-quality images for a variety of uses in evaluating and diagnosing dental health conditions. They also make it possible for our dental team to discuss findings with visual imagery to explain what is needed to resolve a problem or achieve a desired cosmetic goal.

Digital x-rays significantly reduce exposure to radiation and provide high-resolution images for immediate use. This is far more convenient and healthy for patients and allows for more accurate diagnostics.

Our office has a CBCT scanning machine that can take panoramic, 3-D images for in-depth analysis of the teeth, gums, jaw structure, and surrounding tissues. CBCT scanning is a necessary part of treatment planning for more advanced needs including tooth replacement with implants. Our in-office machine means that patients do not need to go to a specialist for the scans we need to plan a successful restorative procedure.

Same Day Restorations

Dr. Upadya can offer same-day dental crowns, inlays, and other dental restorations using in-office digital technology. E4-D is a CAD/CAM technology that uses digital impressions, specialized software, and a milling machine to create high-quality ceramic crowns in one visit!

Advanced TMJ Treatment

Digital diagnostics that can evaluate the function of the jaw joints and record tension in the muscles can offer life-changing treatment for patients with a TMJ disorder. Dr. Updaya is a leading East Hanover dentist for the treatment of bite problems and TMJ disorders. Using digital technology he can diagnose with greater accuracy and offer personalized treatment.