Accelerate Your Smile with AcceleDent

acceledent in East Hanover NJIf you suffer from dental anxiety over the stigma of adult braces, or just do not have the time in your hectic schedule to commit to frequent dentist visits, AcceleDent could be the answer. With AcceleDent, Dr. Raj Upadya can get you on your way to a straighter smile in almost half the time of traditional braces. AcceleDent is ideal for teens and adults who want to see the results of their braces with fewer visits to the dentist and less impact on their daily routine.

Metropolitan Center for Complete Dentistry offers world class dentistry in our East Hanover dentist office. Dr. Upadya is a highly trained and experienced dentist who practices the Dawson Academy philosophy of complete dentistry. With his holistic approach to dentistry, Dr. Upadya offers comprehensive dental care that takes into account all elements of your oral health. He seeks to offer each patient an understanding of their overall dental health and the function of their smile, identifying any undiagnosed dental health concerns that could compromise lasting and comfortable results.

Dedicated to continuing education as well as an internationally recognized dental educator, Dr. Upadya uses state of the art technology. This, along with the latest techniques enable him to provide the highest standard of care.

What is AcceleDent?

AcceleDent is an FDA cleared device that clinical trials have proven will effectively reduce the length of time you need to wear your braces. Using SoftPulse technology, AcceleDent uses carefully calibrated micropulses to aid traditional orthodontics by stimulating faster bone cell growth. This speeds up the process of tooth movement and remodeling.

Acceledent is a small hand held device that resembles a mouthguard. Placed on the teeth for 20 minutes a day, the activator will generate the micropulses that will stimulate faster bone remodeling, guided by your orthodontics.

AcceleDent Saves Time

When used in combination with traditional orthodontics, AcceleDent can reduce your visits to the dentist. Clinical trials have shown that the time spent wearing braces while using AcceleDent is reduced by up to 50%. That means you spend half the time and get the results you want.

AcceleDent Comfort

AcceleDent has also proven to improve the overall comfort of bone growth and adjustments. Braces can agitate the mouth and make daily life uncomfortable. The SoftPulse technology will ease the daily discomfort of braces.

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