Lunchtime Gum Lift

Lunchtime Gum LiftReceding gums can be a major dental health and cosmetic concern. When not addressed by a dentist, receding gums can progressively worsen. Receding gums can lead to more complex dental and overall health concerns. Common Factors that can contribute or worsen gum recession are gum disease, over brushing, hormonal changes like pregnancy, age, and certain types of medications. Receding gums can lead to painful exposed roots, highly sensitive teeth, deterioration of bone, or even tooth loss.

Early diagnosis and preventive care are key to avoiding expensive and lengthy advanced restorative dental procedures. Preventive care, including a healthy oral hygiene routine, and yearly visits to your dentist are highly encouraged and can help to prevent your gums from receding.

If your gum recession has already progressed, there is a new highly effective restorative dental treatment available. Ask East Hanover dentist Dr. Raj Upadya how the Chao Pinhole Technique can help rejuvenate your receding gum line.

The Chao Pinhole Technique

On the leading edge of dental technology, Dr. Upadya was the first to offer the Pinhole Gum Lift in New Jersey. A member of the initial group of dentists that personally trained with Dr. John Chao, Dr. Upadya is certified in the Chao Pinhole Technique. An experienced dentist, Dr. Upadya strives to offer his patients conservative dental treatments that offer the most optimal results- and the Pinhole Technique offers just that.

With no large invasive incisions or sutures, the Pinhole technique is performed in our East Hanover dentist office in just one hour. Often referred to as the “Lunchtime Gum Lift”, this procedure is revolutionizing the treatment of gum recession, and may be the solution for your serious dental health concern.

How Pinhole Gum Lift Works

Dr. Chao designed a small handheld instrument that is able to be inserted into tiny pinholes made in the gum line. With only local anesthetic, Dr. Upadya will make one or two tiny entry points along your gum line. The instrument will be inserted and used to gently shift the gums downward to a natural looking position. Tiny collagen strips are placed under the gums and will help to activate the body’s natural collagen production.

The entire process takes only one hour, and you will be able to leave the office with little to no downtime. Pinhole Gum Rejuvenation is virtually pain free, with little to no bleeding, and offers nearly instant results.

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